How to select an electric knife sharpener

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Nobody likes a dull blade, and sometimes manual knife sharpeners just won't do the trick.  An electric knife sharpener has loads of great features for any knife enthusiast.  Here are a few tips to help you find the right electric knife sharpener.

What kind of knives do you need sharpened?

Different types of knives require different models of sharpeners.  The type of electric knife sharpener you need is determined by the shape and slope of your sharpened blade edge, also known as the bevel.  

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Your bevel can be flat, concave or convex.  Knives with angles between 20 and 25 degrees are typically referred to as Western knives, while knives with angles greater than 15 degrees are labeled as Asian knives. Electric knife sharpeners for both Western and Asian knives are available, but it's important you know what type of knives you own before picking a sharpener out.

Single-sided or double-sided electric knife sharpeners

Another quality to take into consideration when picking out an electric knife sharpener is whether you want a single-sided or a double-sided model.

Double-sided electric knife sharpeners are generally easier to use because they have a simpler rotary mechanism.  They can also usually sharpen more of a blade at once.  Some of the negatives of double-sided sharpeners are that they can't be used with chisel knives and they usually create concave bevels, which can be thinner and weaker than other shapes.

Single-sided electric knife sharpeners create a flat bevel, which is stronger than a concave bevel and tends to work better with serrated knives.  Disadvantages are that the blade guides can sometimes scratch the knives and the sharpening action is much less efficient.

Multi-stage electric knife sharpeners

What does it mean when a knife sharpener has multiple stages?  

The first stage of knife sharpening is usually a stone that sharpens the knife bevel.  The first stage will often leave scratches, which is why many electric knife sharpeners have a second stage.  

The second stage is typically a stone that removes the scratches.  Many high-quality sharpeners have a third stage, which consists of buffing the knife to perfection.  In some sharpeners, the third stage also contributes to further sharpening of the edge.

Electric Scissor Sharpeners

If you're looking for seriously sharp scissors, you might want to give an electric scissor sharpener a try.  These sharpeners use a similar process to electric knife sharpeners, usually using 100% diamond abrasives to make scissor edges razor sharp. They're ideal for scissors used for household, sewing or other crafts.

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