Specialty Outdoor Knives

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While there are a number of popular traditional outdoor knives, speciality outdoor knives are some of the less-known outdoor knife models.  Most of these knives have unique characteristics; they are either used for a specific purpose or are rare collector's knives.  Here are a few cool speciality outdoor knives to check out.

Boot Knives

Boot knives are similar to survival knives with one caveat:  they can be easily attached and concealed within a boot.  These knives, which are often issued to military and combat units, usually range between 4 and 9 inches.  They are most frequently made of stainless steel and usually come with a boot sheath or clip, with which they can attach to your footwear.

Tanto Knives

Tanto knives originated in ancient Japan where they were used as weapons.  These knives are often classified as daggers.  They come in both single and double edge designs with straight and serrated blades.  They are also offered in folding models and fixed blades, giving you a wide array of choices.

Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are used by hobbyists who engage in knife throwing. The sport involves hurling blades of various sizes at targets that are similar to those used by archers.  When participating in knife throwing, it's essential to have specially-designed knives, which produce the correct rotation.  Throwing knife collections often also feature throwing stars, which can be thrown at targets as well.

Diving Knives

Diving knives are compact, practical tools used to cut, pry, measure or engage in a variety of important tasks while underwater.  Diving knives can also be used to spear fish.  These knives are lightweight, primarily made of stainless steel and often feature a spear-point blade.  There are also handy for cutting lines, moving rocks and prying clams.


You don't have to be a samurai warrior to own a sword.  Though they shouldn't be used for combat, a sword is a great collector's item.  Samurai swords are some of the highest-quality and most revered swords on the market.  In addition to Japanese swords, there are also a number of swords that are available in replicas of medieval weaponry.

Collector's Knives

Collector's knives, which are primarily purchased for display, range across a wide spectrum of styles and designs.  These knives are often replicas of infamous knives, like Rambo's survival knife, or feature spirited designs, like lightning bolts and skulls.  Many historical knives, such as Civil War replicas, also fall under the category of collector's knives.


Speciality outdoor knives are popular because they have great variety, despite the fact that they are usually tailored toward certain activities.  These blades are not only functional tools, but are also great additions to any knife collection.

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