Gunter Wilhelm 12inch Ham Slicer

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Brand: Gunter Wilhelm

The result of combining Paul Hellman�?s design�?s, the best 440, high carbon steel and forging processes from Germany then combining this with the production skills employed by Gunter Wilhelm in his new Asian factory, are highest-quality forged chefs�? knives available at a fraction of the usual price for finely-forged knives. The merging of this talent from three continents has resulted in knives of unsurpassed quality and design. This exciting, innovative, line of cutlery is called the Executive Chef Series.

Most chefs agree that a great knife combines certain qualities; perfect balance and weight; comfort; 440 high carbon steel that won't stain or rust and a hand-forged, full tang design. These elements are successfully combined in Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery and yield a knife that will last 50 years with proper care.

Gunter Wilhelm Knives are made from 440 steel (also known as X50CrMoV5) which is purchased in Solingen Germany. The steel is first sent to the forging plant in Solingen where it is then hammered into the basic shape of the final knife, trimmed and bulk packaged. From there it goes by container to our Asia plant, which is under the direct supervision Gunter Wilhelm himself. The blanks are then further trimmed, rough ground, fine ground and polished until they are ready to be heat treated. Heat treating increases the hardness of the steel so that the knife can hold its edge longer and it does not need to be sharpened as often. Heat Treatment involves heating the knife to a red hot temperature and then cryogenically cooling them at high speed which changes the crystalline structure within the metal to a harder material. This is what gives the knives their incredible edge retention. After heat treatment, its time to install the pakkawood inserts. Each insert is shaped by hand to exactly fit each knife, a painstaking process. The pakkawood inserts are riveted into place. Then they are again polished to give the smooth feel. The knives are then sent to final finishing and polishing. The logo is then laser etched into the steel and then sent to the inspection area. Most companies do spot checks to look for problems. However, Gunter Wilhelm insists that a 100% inspection be made of every knife. This is necessary to keep the quality up to the tough standard he requires. Then, only after every knife has passed the rigorous inspection do they get sent to the packaging area. The Gunter Wilhelm Company is very serious about creating satisfied customers that will enjoy these knives for many years.

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