Sonic Blade Cordless Power Knife with Accessories

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The ONLY Cordless Knife with Super Sonic Slicing Power!

The Sonic Blade is a revolutionary cordless power knife that will change the way you cut and slice your food forever! What makes it so unique is its proprietary "Non-Compression Sonic Separation" Technology (NCSS), which allows it to cut through hard or soft foods without crushing, smashing or breaking them apart. The precision blades are driven by a powerful high-torque motor, which move the blades back and forth hundreds of times a minute. This generates incredible cutting power - so much so, that the Sonic Blade sonically separates whatever it is cutting -- making clean, even slices in virtually any kind of food! In fact, during extensive product testing, the Sonic Blade perfectly cut everything from hard plastic "clamshell" cases, to the most delicate angel food cake! The "sonic blades" do all the cutting, so you don't need to push down on the blade, or saw at your food.

Sonic Blade Handle

The Sonic BladeT features a bio-ergonomically engineered, ultra- lightweight body perfectly balanced for accurate slicing, plus a padded grip for total comfort. The power switch is conveniently placed, and activated by a touch of the finger. In addition, an integrated "Safety Lock" is built right in to the power switch, and helps protect against unintentional start-up.

A set of two specially-designed slicing blades come with your Sonic Blade. Each custom engineered blade set features over 70 serrated edges, which greatly amplify the slicing power of the Sonic Blade

- The "5-in-1" blade is an all-around perfect blade for slicing difficult foods, like whole chicken, raw or cooked steaks and chops, and even frozen racks of ribs! It's also great for precision- slicing delicate foods, like strawberries. Yet, this blade is so strong, it can even slice right through a whole pineapple, top to bottom, or the tough husk of a cantaloupe! In fact, during product testing, this blade even cut through hard plastic "clamshell"cases!

- The "Micro-Slicer" blade works wonders on slicing even the most delicate foods, such as breads and angel food cakes, as well as the solid, dense foods like blocks of hard cheese or lunchmeat. This blade is designed to fit perfectly into the Sonic Blade Deli Slicer unit, which will give you perfect deli-slices every time!

The patented Sonic Blade Charging Block keeps your Sonic Blade fully charged and ready at all times. Created by an award-winning product designer, the Charging Block will fit in nicely with any kitchen decor.

  • Cordless Power Knife
  • Heavy Duty Powerful Motor
  • Portable Cordless Design
  • Rechargeable Long Life NIMH Battery
  • 2 Stainless Steel Dual Actuating Blades: Bread & Carving
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip Handle & Trigger with Safety Lock
  • Charging Block Holds Knife, Charges Battery & Stores Blades
  • Precision Razor Thin Slices, Glides Through Meat/Bone
  • Built In Safety Lock, Touch Free Blade Charger
  • Sonic Blades
  • Sonic Blade Charging Block
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