Trademark 10" Black Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Survival Gear

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This is the ultimate survival knife for the ultimate outdoorsman. It has everything you need in a knife: sturdy construction, a serrated and straight-edged stainless-steel blade, a hollow handle filled with survival gear and a sheath with a blade-sharpening stone. You will never feel at risk in the wilderness with this versatile and reliable fixed-blade knife. The 5-inch blade ensures it can be utilized for the roughest tasks, and the accompanying sharpening stone guarantees that your knife is never dull.

  • The overall length is 10 inches from head to toe
  • The blade is almost 5 inches, which means you get plenty of handle to hold onto when you are "at work"
  • Hidden hollow handle with a compass, matches, needles, fishing hook and line
  • Leather-like sheath with belt loop
  • Blade sharpening stone with special pocket on sheath
  • The blade is partially serrated, allowing an expanded repertoire of functions.
  • Steel pommel, capable of delivering deadly blows with a durable back rubber handle. Does what it looks like it can do.
Brand: Trademark Knives
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