Master Grade Outdoor DC Knife Sharpener

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With a sharp knife cooking will be easy and fun. A sharp knife will deliver clean cut fruits, vegetables and meat which are appealing, delicious and the most important thing is that a clean cut means that you don't waste any nutrients that spill out from the food. A clean cut will effectively preserve the moisture and nutrients which are important for health. And the greatest benefit is that you will get a great work of art, which is fresh and delicious and LOOKS more appealing!

"REVOLUTIONIZING the way to sharpen knives." Master Grade brings a breakthrough to the sharpening industry. Users of Master Grade knife sharpeners are assured razor sharpness every time they use these easy-to-use, reliable sharpeners!

Master Grade knife sharpeners were designed by an engineer and practitioner in knife industry. The benefit of his experience is transferred by technology and modern manufacturing to the final user in the form of these high quality sharpeners.

Master Grade developed commercial knife sharpener and these have been used for years throughout the commercial knife and food preparation industries. Now Master Grade has developed an equally effective, yet easy to use home model of knife sharpeners.

With Master Grade products, you can expect continuous improvement, using the latest technology to bring you the sharpest knives! Master Grade applying and developing soft sharpening technology, that is different from conventional stone wheeled units found in the market.

Master Grade offers a unique feature in the commercial model, a soft sharpening wheel that is unlike the conventional stone wheeled units which tend to overheat and grind away knife blades. Users will be delighted with this innovative sharpener which produces a Razor Sharp Edge In Just A Few Passes, Clean edge just like New.

Brand: Master Grade
Catalog Number: 153266
Master Grade
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Our electric knife sharpeners have such speed and efficiency, that they will pay for themselves, as you will no longer need to send your knives out for professional knife sharpening! Since our knife sharpeners debuted in Taiwan and Japan, the majority of knife sharpening businesses are now out of business in those two countries. We are confident the same will also be true in the USA and Canada.

MASTER GRADE ("Nirey" in Taiwan) is designed for both commercial use and home use. It gives an outstanding �?professional�? performance resulting in a knife with a razor sharp edge that is ready in a matter of a few seconds. Our electric knife sharpener is equipped with three (3) different types of sharpening wheels -- coarse, medium and fine. The coarse and medium sharpening wheels are for pre-sharpening, and the fine wheel is for the finishing step to a razor sharp edge blade.


Owen F. from Orange County, CA on Thursday

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Jim G. from Jacksonville Ar on Sunday

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