40 Inch Last Crusade Sword with Plaque

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The Crusades created a tumultuous period when Western armies, fired with the crusading spirit, wrestled most of the Holy Land from the Moslems. Holding it was a different matter, and the Crusaders never again match their initial success. The West, still somewhat barbaric, learned a great deal from their opponents, bringing back new knowledge from their travels. Some historians believe the Crusades helped encourage a thirst for exploration among Europeans that helped foment the discovering of America. This decorative sword blade is flat, with two narrow fullers. The pommel is steel, with a cross deeply engraved on its face surrounded by brass rivets.  


  • 40 inches overall
  • 33 inch blade  
  • 7.75 inch at hand guard
  • Blunt Blade
  • Cross engraving on pommel
  • A fantastic Crusade replica 
  • Includes wall mounting plaque
Brand: Trademark Knives
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