The Dead Pirate 2 Piece Knife Display

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The Dead Pirate 2 Piece Knife Display

Our pirate is already dead and on display in this beauty.  The reason for our Pirate's death could have something to do with the 7.5 inch dagger knife that is sticking through his skull. 

This knife has a beautiful brass handle with an insert of an eagle soaring above a mountaneous sky.  The 5" blade is oversized in comparison to the overall size of the knife. 

The larger knife in this display is 8 inches in length and very sharp.  This one has our Pirate's skull for a handle formed from brass.  The skull is on both sides so this display works when viewed from the back or front.

The Pirate's Skull knife fits into a brass base which is in the mold of a vulture sitting on a skull.  This mold is mounted on a 5/8 x 5.5 inch diameter wood bass with 3 mounted rubber feet for secure display.

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