Gerber Freehand Multi-Plier Multi-Tool

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Think Big. Think Rough. Think capable. Think versatile. Think about combining all those robust qualities into a king-of-the-road multi-tool. Think Freehand.

It's the biggest, toughest, most industrial multi-tool around. With thicker blades and a specialized industrial driverthat can manhandle its way through just about anything.

We combined the functionality of our one-handed opening pliers with the convenience of out-board tools. The larger, maniler tools are easy to open with one hand - insuring that you always have one free hand.


  • Toughest tool on the market, hands down
  • Only 100% One-hand operational multi tool
  • All outboard tools Improved "wrist flick" opening jaw slide
  • Superior hardened "industrial style" wire cutters
  • Biggest, strongest components on the market
  • "Industrial Driver"
  • 12 seriously functional functions
  • 3" Knife blade
Brand: Gerber

In 1939 Joseph Gerber hired a local knife maker to build 25 sets of kitchen cutlery to be given as Christmas gifts. The knives were so popular that Joseph Gerber left his advertising agency to start Gerber Legendary Blades®. The unique style and high quality manufacturing of Gerber cutlery soon developed wide spread acclaim. In fact, Gerber Legendary Blades are the only cutlery on display in New York�?s famous Museum of Modern Art.

From very early on, Gerber collaborated with top knife designers, setting a standard of quality for everyone else to follow. Renowned designers such as Al Mar, Bob Loveless, Paul Poehlmann, "Blackie" Collins, William Harsey Jr. and Ernest Emerson have all designed knives for Gerber. In 2002 this tradition continued as Gerber released the Silver Trident�?, designed by Chief James "Patches" Watson (U.S.N. Ret.) and Bill Harsey Jr.

Today, Gerber continues to design and manufacture unique, high quality outdoor recreation products. In 2003 we are proud to introduce the next generation of multi-tools: the Recoil�? Auto-Plier. By constantly utilizing new technology and innovative design to develop new products, Gerber continues to be an industry leader.

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