Toastmaster 6128 Cast Aluminum Electric Food Slicer

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  • Cast-aluminum, 90-watt slicer with 6-1/2-inch-diameter stainless-steel blade
  • Knob adjusts for thickness: wafer-thin to extra thick
  • Safety button must be pressed continuously during operation
  • 9-by-8-1/4-inch transparent plastic serving tray included
  • Blade and other parts remove for hand washing
Brand: Toastmaster
Catalog Number: 19299
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In 1926 the first automatic pop-up toaster was introduced by the Waters Genter Company. It was called the "Toastmaster," and it was among a handful of revolutionary new products that ushered in the the modern age of home kitchen appliances. From this beginning grew Toastmaster Inc. And through the last 75 years we have come to be known for more than just toasters. Waffle bakers, counter-top ovens, griddles and breadmakers all bear the Toastmaster brand.

Continuing this emphasis on innovation, Toastmaster will further enhance its position in the vanguard of product development with the imminent launch of a revolutionary new cooking approach - Ultravection . This ultimate cooking method combines convection, radiant and conductive heating for food preparation that is micro-fast, yet cooks meats, baked goods and more to perfection.

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