Gold Spiral Dragon Katana (Red) + Extras 40 inch

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This Premium Sword has a Gold Dragon theme throughout. A gold dragon acts as the hilt and each end of the piece includes a silver dragon end cap. Each gold dragon is different! They have their own unique characteristics. EXCELLENT DETAIL!!! This sword includes a red snakeskin style handle and a hard red scabbard with a high gloss finish with gold molded artwork attachments and red cord wrappings. This is one of the very best swords we have ever offered. This sword is solid and heavy. The blade is made from the much desired steel. What especially puts this sword over the top are the 7.875 inch stiletto and the 7.5 inch knife that fit neatly into the scabbard. Features include: Steel blade Overall length: 40 inches Hand guard width: 3.25 inches Handle: 10.75 x 1.625 inches Blade length: 26.125 inchesStiletto length: 7.875 inches Knife length: 7.5 inches Gold molded artwork attachments and red cord wrappings Red snakeskin style handle Hard red scabbard with a high gloss finish

Brand: Trademark Knives
Trademark Knives
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