Deluxe Red Dragon Katana Samurai Sword Set of 3 w/ stand

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These swords are well made. Each sword has a hardwood polished red finished scabbard with prism reflective dragon design. The end caps and hilt are dark molds with a decorated design. The black cord wrappings nicely accentuate the scabbard color. The sword lengths are 39.625 inch, 31 inch and 21.125 inch. The display stand is 14.875 x 12 x 2.875 inches and is constructed of wood material with a matte black painted finish. Features include:14.875 x 12 x 2.875 inch stand Katana Hand Guard Width: 2.875 inches Katana Handle: 10 x 2.875 inches Katana Overall Length: 39.625 inches Katana Blade Length: 26 inches Wakizashi Hand Guard Width: 2.875 inches Wakizashi Handle: 8.875 x 2.875 inches Wakizashi Overall Length: 31 inches Wakizashi Blade Length: 18.625 inches Tanto Hand Guard Width: 2.875 inches Tanto Katana Handle: 6.875 x 2.875 inches Tanto Katana Overall Length: 21.125 inches Tanto Katana Blade Length: 10.25 inches

Brand: Trademark Knives
Trademark Knives
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