Golden Eagle Hybrid Hunting Knife

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This incredible combo knife is one-of-a-kind!  The hilt and pommel are richly decorated in gold castings and the hilt has a fingerloop for superior gripping. The handle and matching knife scabbard are painted with a black and gold snakeskin design.The golden pommel connects to the decorative hard scabbard via a gold, red, and black twined chain which can be easily unclipped. Twin red tassels bound in gold also decorate the hilt.The 8 inch long blade has four decorative cutouts, and is silkscreened with an image of a striking eagle, claws extended for battle. The twin-bladed knife has a razor-edge along one side, and double-serrated edges along the other side.The best part about this 13.5 inch long knife is that the blade can lock into a "pushblade" position allowing for a more versatile knife over your standard run-of-the-mill hunting knife.

Brand: Trademark Knives
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