Round Honing Stone, Made in USA

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Electro-Silicon carbide, designed to put a sharp edge to the Woodman's Pal

quickly. Furnace fused, it cuts fastest when dripping wet with water, smoothest

when used with light oil. Use the one side to grind and shape damaged edges,

and the other to hone and "finish" the edges. Prevent glazing of the stone by

flushing off steel shavings while honing.

Country of origin: USA

Brand: Pro Tool Industries
Catalog Number: 272828
Pro Tool Industries
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Pro Tool Industries
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Pro Tool Industries, manufacturer of the Woodman�?s Pal and other unique knives, is located in the rolling hills of Pottstown, Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. One of the factors that contribute to our success is the pride we take in our craftsmanship, and the strong set of Pennsylvania German values and work ethic that has been passed down through our family. Pro Tool Industries is a family owned and operated business with a deep-rooted tradition of manufacturing superiority and attention to detail and safety.

We are very proud of the fact that all our products are Made in the USA. Our artisan / employees produce handcrafted American-made products one tool at a time, and are committed to using only the best raw materials. Consequently, our saws, knives and tools are durable and very well made. Yes, we can be classified as a knife store, and our unique knives are multipurpose tools. Our shop motto is �?Do it Once, Do it Right�?, and this reflects in the cooperation between our departments, the smooth manufacturing process, and the superior quality in our handcrafted tools.

Customer service is our fist priority. As our customers, you demand only the best from us, and we�?re committed to giving you the best customer service possible. We know that your referrals and recommendations are what fuel our sales, and we want to continually develop and introduce new knives, machetes, tools and ballistics products of the same high quality you have become accustomed to. In addition, we make all our tools right here in Pennsylvania, in the USA.

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