Smith's Sharpener 2000 Electric Sharpener, Diamond Edge

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Manual Sharpening Features:

Blade Guide:

Sharpener Wheel Abrasive:

Care and Use

There is little maintenance required with your Smith's electric sharpener. To clean the exterior housing, unplug the unit from the electrical outlet and simply wipe with a damp cloth.

  • Coarse Diamond Sharpening Sheels
  • Fast and precise sharpening of straight edge blades
  • Blade guides hold knife at correct sharpening angle
  • Fixed angle ceramic stones
  • Polishes a freshly ground edge to razor sharpeness
  • Lightly hones straight or serrated edge blades
  • Straight Edge Blades Electric - Yes Manual - Yes
  • Serrated Edge Blades Electric - No Manual - Yes
  • Household Scissors Electric - No Manual - No
  • Electric - Diamond Coarse = 325 Grit
  • Manual - Extra Fine Ceramic = 1,000 Grit
  • Do not use a powdered abrasive cleaner to clean sharpener
  • To protect against risk of electrical shock do not put any part of the appliance in water or other liquid
  • Do not use any lubricant or water to clean the abrasive sheel
  • Do not use a lubricant on any other component
  • Periodically, the clean out door on the bootom of the sharpener should be opened and cleaned. Also try to clear any remaining particles from the collection area inside the housing before replacing the door.
Brand: Smith's Sharpener
Smith's Sharpener
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