Sheffield Knives Three Piece Army Clasp Knife

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There have been cutlers in Sheffield since before the fifteenth century and the City is famous for its knives. When Sheffield is mentioned anywhere in the world the automatic reaction is still 'Steel' and 'Cutlery'. The Egginton Group will continue the fine traditions of craftsmanship which have been developed in the City and will continue to produce quality knives and Sharpening Steels which are regarded as worthy to carry the illustrious names of Group members and Sheffield. Joseph Rodgers' renowned Star & Maltese Cross Trademark, first registered in 1682, is still applied to Military Survival knives supplied to armed forces throughout the World and which are produced to the exacting standards laid down by the British Ministry of Defence and covered by NATO Stock Numbers. 3PC ARMY -- Standard British Army Clasp Knife in all Stainless Steel with Main Blade, Can-Opener, Marline Spike, Screwdriver & Clasp

~ Blade Length: 2 5/8"

  • Closed Length: 3 3/4"
Brand: Sheffield Knives
Catalog Number: 295308
Number of Knives/Tools 3
Sheffield Knives
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