Emerson Knives Mini CQC-7 Wave Blk Combo Tanto Blade

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If there's one knife that perfectly defines the tactical folder, it's the Emerson Mini CQC-7. For that reason alone, the knife deserves to be in your hands, but it also offers so much more.

The Emerson Mini CQC-7 is a reasonably sized folder with a black 2.9-inch 154CM steel blade that packs as much punch as any knife out there. This version comes with a versatile partially serrated tanto blade and a chisel grind that puts other knives to shame.

Don't be fooled by the "Mini" part of its name either. The knife may be a little smaller than the original, but it's also easier to carry and conforms to more knife laws. (Many places have knife laws that require a blade to be less than 3 inches when carrying openly.)

Continuing down on the knife, the durable black handle is made with G-10 epoxy and glass laminate that comfortably and securely stays in the hand in nearly any condition.

But to truly understand just what makes this knife so badass and why it has a cult following, we must go back to the knife's predecessor: the CQC-6.

Custom knifemaker Ernest Emerson essentially popularized the tactical folder with his CQC-6 when it was adopted by the Navy SEALS. The knife was so respected and revolutionary that owning a CQC-6 became a status symbol among members of elite military units.

At the encouragement of others, Emerson decided to mass produce the knife as the CQC-7 in order to keep the CQC-6 a custom exclusive.

The CQC-7 is still used in action, but the Mini is better suited for everyday carry and travel, since it won't get you in trouble in many municipalities.

If you're still not convinced of the knife's bona fides, this Mini CQC-7 features Emerson's patented Wave opening device built into the profile of the blade. As you pull the knife from your pocket, the wave will catch the edge and engage in one swift motion.

To leave no stone unturned, the Mini even boasts a reliable linerlock made of aerospace grade titanium. The knife will never fail you when you need it most.

Experience what everyone else is talking about.

Catalog Number: 295880
Blade Color Black
Blade Edge Partially Serrated/ComboEdge
Blade Length 2.90
Blade Material Stainless Steel (154CM)
Closed Length 4.85
Handle Color Black
Handle Material G-10
Knife Type Folding
Lock Type Liner Lock
Pocket Clip Included Yes
Point Tanto
Total Length 7.75

Respected, admired, and sought after by the world�s most sophisticated and discerning knife users, Emerson remains the single standard by which all other Hard Use Knives are judged. This peerless reputation has been built by the hands of a master craftsman, Ernest Emerson with unceasing effort since its beginning in 1979.

Owning an Emerson Knife brings you membership in an elite group; Individuals, who are known for seeking the finest in all things. You are now counted among those who will never compromise their values and never, ever, settle for second best.

Ernest Emerson started making custom knives in his garage in 1979. He rapidly rose to prominence as a knife maker due in equal parts to his expertise as a craftsman, (tool and die maker), his artists eye for design, and his practical experience as one of the world�s most sought-after and respected hand-to-hand combat instructors. Mr. Emerson�s work has been featured and exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Museum. There are only a handful of living artists who can make that claim.

As an instructor in hand-to-hand combat and edged weapon skills, Mr. Emerson has taught the deadliest warriors on earth, from the US Navy SEALs to the Guards of Parliament in London and everywhere in between. He is the author of scores of articles, books, and videos regarding tactics, training and combat. As one of the most sought after instructors in the world he is in high demand for seminars and lectures to civilian, military and law enforcement agencies. He is an inducted member of The Martial Arts Hall of Fame, along with such venerable names as Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

In fact he is the only knife maker known who also owns and operates his own training facility, the world-class �Black Shamrock Combat Academy Gym� in Los Angeles, California. At a time when knives are designed by graphic artists and 22-year-olds who never did more than use a knife to sharpen a pencil, the name Emerson and the company Emerson Knives stands head and shoulders above the rest.

There is no other knife company in the world that is owned and run by one of the world�s most respected custom knife makers. Mr. Emerson�s custom creations sell in excess of $10,000 and he also happens to be one of the world�s elite combat instructors. No one can bring the skill set to the table that Ernest Emerson possesses. That is why Emerson Knives are regarded as the most efficient, effective, and formidable Tactical Knives ever developed.

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