Silver Stag Point Dip Crown Damascus w/ Sheath

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Silver Stag Damascus blades are manufactured in the United States using the same ancient process. Our Damascus is created by forge welding multiple layers of steels, some that contain nickel, into a solid block called a billet, (Silver Stag contains 1094 & 15N20 high carbon tool steels). The billet is folded and rewelded several times to produce layers (Silver Stag Damascus = 100 to 150 layers). Patterns are created by manipulating the steel during the forge welding process. (Silver Stag offers a random and twist pattern). When the billet is finished, blades are formed out of the layered steel billet block. When acid is added to the blade, it attacks the layers of hard and soft steels differently, highlighting the attractive layered pattern in the blade. The combination of layered hard and soft steel creates blade flexibilty, toughness and produces invisible serrations on the blade that aid cutting. Silver Stag Damascus blades are the best flesh cutting blades on the market, period! Our Damascus Series is manufactured with deer, elk, and moose antler handles.

~ Made in the USA

~ Blade length: 2 3/4"

~ Overall length: 7"

~ Steel: Damascus

~ Handle: Genuine Stag

  • Handmade leather sheath included
Brand: Silver Stag
Catalog Number: 297574

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