Wenger Swiss Clipper Pastel Pink Swiss Army Knife

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The Wenger Swiss Army Pocket Knife Clippers AT, an ultimate in personal manicure tools, features the first full sized nail clipper in any Wenger product and made safe for air travel. It also includes six additional tools and the famed Evolution handle found on some of Wenger's newest trademark Swiss Army Knives. The Wenger Swiss Army Pocket Knife Clippers AT are available in five different colors, all made with Wenger's Swiss standards of excellence seen in its knife and watch product lines and feature tools that are no longer on the FAA's list of prohibited items -- which makes them convenient to carry on to any airline in the U.S.

The Wenger Swiss Army Pocket Knife Clippers AT trademark tool -- the nail clipper -- is a strong, compact, fold-out nail clipper, equipped with a tool deployment mechanism for easy, safe opening and made of stainless steel with sharp, curved blades for professional results. The Swiss Army Pocket Knife AT Clippers by Wenger also comes with a nail file, nail cleaner, tweezers, toothpick, and scissors for all that one needs for proper nail care. This new tool features either a traditional Swiss Army blade and the ergonomic Evolution handle that conforms to the human hand and allows for easier gripping and better control.

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Micro screwdriver
  • Exclusive nail clipper
  • 1.8in Springless scissors with serrated self-sharpening design
  • Nail file, nail cleaner
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Key Ring
Brand: Wenger

Innovation is and always will be the cornerstone of Swiss culture. A constant source of strength against the forces of time. Wenger's history, as well, is one forged through innovation and marked by a passion for excellence. Thus, it is with great pride that Wenger continues to serve as guardian of this unparalleled legacy.

Since 1908, the year Wenger was chosen as a supplier of the Standard Issue knife to the Swiss Army, Wenger engineers have served as the vanguard of knife technology, pioneering the evolution of knives as precision multi-tools. Exclusive patented features�? such as our springless, self-sharpening scissors and the Packlock self-locking mechanism on our screwdrivers�? reflect Wenger's talent for innovation. Additionally, Wenger is the only Swiss cutler to be granted the rights to use the prestigious crossbow which is proudly engraved on all knife blades. This symbol is a label of quality; it represents a standard of excellence established by an elite association of Swiss Manufacturers and it only appears on a select group of Swiss products.

And while Wenger has been vigilant and ever-ready to meet new challenges with new solutions, we also have remained steadfast in our dedication to quality and the integrity of Wenger product. This is best exemplified by our watches as well as travel, outdoor and business gear, all of which have been designed and crafted with the same inspiration and dedication that was devoted to the Swiss Army knife. It is truly a rare combination, integrity and innovation, that enhances the design of every product worthy of Wenger's distinctive Swiss cross.

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