Norton Sharpening System IM313 - 3 Oilstones

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Considered by many to be the ultimate sharpening systems, IM313 Multi-Oilstone systems contain three oil stones. The 11-1/2" stone length permits long, sweeping strokes for faster and more precise sharpening and honing of all large, wider straight-edged tools. The heavy base has a non-skid bottom. A pint of Norton oil, plastic angle guide, and reservoir unit are included with each IM313 system.

~For general sharpening

~1 Coarse Crystolon - for heavy stock removal

~1 Medium Crystolon - produces the average edge needed for most tools

~1 Fine India - for a sharper edge

~1 Pint Oil

~Angle Guide

  • ~Reservoir Unit
Brand: Norton
Catalog Number: 301403
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