CAS Hanwei Han Sword

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The Han Sword is a cavalry pattern from the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), which reunited China and established boundaries very similar to those existing today. The rosewood grip and scabbard are inlaid with silver in an intricate scroll pattern, while the gilded steel guard, pommel and scabbard decorations feature the “crouching tiger” motif. The random pattern K120C Damascus blade, with its ridged central fuller and reinforced point is admirably suited for slashing cuts and powerful thrusts from horseback.

Recreated by the craftsmen of CAS Hanwei from the swords of the Lords of the great dynasties, these Chinese Gongfu swords represent the pinnacle of the sword maker’s art, vividly illustrating the skills and creativity of the smiths of Imperial China.


~ Authentic replica of Museum Piece

~ Hand-forged Damascus blade

~ Silver inlay


~ Overall length: 37 1/4"

~ Blade length: 28 1/4"

~ Handle length: 8 1/4"

~ Weight: 2lbs

~ Thickness at Guard: .230

~ Box height: 43 1/4"

  • Box width: 5"
Brand: CAS Hanwei
Catalog Number: 301888
CAS Hanwei
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CAS Hanwei
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