CAS Hanwei Gustav Main Gauche Sword

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The Gustav Main Gauche replicate weapons used by King Gustav Adolf II, who ruled Sweden in the early part of the 17th century.

The main gauches have now been redesigned to provide lighter, better balanced pieces than earlier models. The hilts are now of the same size as the museum pieces on which they are based, providing an authentic "feel" in the user's hand. All of the main gauche blades are interchangeable with the "Practical" blades, which are designed for safety in rapier sparring. This gives the user a wide choice of swept hilt styles for use with both live and "Practical" blades.


~ Forged high-carbon steel

~ Leather scabbards


~ Overall length: 17"

~ Blade length: 11 1/8"

  • Weight: 12oz
Brand: CAS Hanwei
Catalog Number: 301949
CAS Hanwei
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CAS Hanwei
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