Bear & Son Cutlery David Yellowhorse Sacred Eagle Baby Bowie

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This amazing custom knife by David Yellowhorse is one of 100. Serial number 11. This Baby Bowie knife features a hand cut nickel silver Sacred Eagle as well as inlay channels of web turquoise, Red Jasper and Black Jet. The front guard is hand textured. David Yellowhorse is a uniquely talented 4th generation Navajo Native American silversmith whose reputation for creating handmade tribal works of art has brought him global recognition throughout the jewelry and cutlery industries. Bear and Son is very pleased to be collaborating with David on his 2012 Bear and Son projects.

It is packaged in a wooden display box with a glass top and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by David.


  • Comes in Walnut Box with Glass Window
  • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity Signed by David Yellowhorse
  • Only 100 Will be Produced
Brand: Bear & Son Cutlery
Bear & Son Cutlery
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