Kit Rae The Tailisman

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This Wizards Knife from the ancient world features a flying serpent handle design and Celtic knotwork engraved in the blade.


~ Display: 6" x 5-1/4" x 2-3/4" wood, mahogany finish
~ Blade thickness: 4,7 mm
~ Stand/Plaque: 15x13x7 cm

Kit Rae:
Images from a hidden world of dreams and nightmares form this unique line of edged fantasy creations by artist Kit Rae. Mr. Rae, who has been designing knives since 1984, has been engrossed in fantasy art all his life, with a background in illustration, painting, and sculpting. His designs have varying inspirations including Greek and Egyptian mythology, some strikingly beautiful, some wickedly haunting. They are very popular among serious fantasy knife and sword collectors and have appeared in numerous television shows and feature films. The Kit Rae line consists if edged knife and sword art, with some pieces defying conventional description, Each new piece is part of the tapestry that forms "The Tale of The Swords and the Ancients," a fantasy story written by the artist, about the eternal struggle between good and evil. Most Kit Rae knives include a companion art print that feature blades in scenes from his story.
Brand: Kit Rae
Kit Rae
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Kit Rae
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