Colt M4-K Fighter Pocket Knife - Black

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~ Designed by custom knifemaker Fred Carter

~ 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum handle

~ Machined beveled edge

~ Non-slip Magna-grip insert

~ Blade length: 4-3/4"

~ CryoEdge treated, 440 stainless steel blade

~ Overall length: 9-3/4"

  • Form fitted Boltaron sheath, removable belt loop
Brand: Colt
Catalog Number: 312990
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The story of Colt, the firearms company, is written indelibly across the pages of 168 years of history. There are millions of arms bearing the Colt name attesting to the company�?s keen knowledge of shooters' needs coupled with the ability to deliver a quality product.

More than four hundred distinct models of handguns and longarms of muzzle and breech loading designs together with thousands of variations and subtypes are included in this phenomenal accomplishment.

- Percussion black powder classics such as the Walker and Dragoon models, 1860 Army and 1861 Navy.

- The most famous revolver ever, the 1873 Single Action Army (or Peacemaker) that signaled Colt�?s move into the metallic-cartridge era.

- The Model 1911 Automatic Pistol that still defines the standard for modern day .45 semiautomatic pistols.

- The Python, often referred to as the Rolls Royce of double action revolvers.

Suffice it to say that no other name has contributed more to the legendary history, or the future ingenuity of American firearms than Colt. That�?s what makes Colt the most revered and collectible name in the history of firearms to this very day, and for the future.

Colt has always been an innovator, a pioneer �? implementing mass production techniques, designing for parts interchangeability, always striving to improve production methods. Today, Colt maintains its position as one of the world�?s leading gun manufacturers by blending state-of-the-art technologies and modernized manufacturing methods. After all, Colt tradition dictates that the technology be the best available and that quality never be compromised.

Our legacy for the twenty first century will rest on how well we lay the groundwork today for creating a company that continues to be responsive to consumer needs and depends as much on inventiveness and innovation as it does on technology. We are striving to meet this challenge and to guarantee a secure place for Colt in the pages of history as they unfold in the decades to come.

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