Thaitsuki Hihonto Dokuji Nami Sanmai Katana

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The Dokuji Nami katana is contuining the Thaitsuki tradition featuring a hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade with 1024 layers, this is among the upper echelon for the sword collector. Pure silver fittings with a Nami motif as well blue silk over ivory rayskin tsuka round out this stunning katana.

~Blade: 29-1/2"

~Tsuka: 11"

~Overall length: 41-1/2"

~Weight: 2.6lbs

~Hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade (1024 layers)

~Clay tempered and water quenched blade (HRC 60-35)

~Hand polished with excellent hada

~Hand sharpened

~Brass tsuba with swiftlet in the cloud

~Silver seppa and habaki

~Brass fuchi/kashira with Nami motif

~Dark blue silk and ivory rayskin wrapped tsuka

~Dark blue gloss finish saya with silver shinto DoMe, dark blue silk sageo and buffalo horn koiguchi

  • ~Fully functional
Brand: Thaitsuki Nihonto
Catalog Number: 313956
Thaitsuki Nihonto
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