Chef's Choice M35 EdgeCraft Sports/Hunter Green

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Chef's Choice EdgeCraft Diamond Hone Sharpener 35 (Green Finish)

The advanced 2 step system for sharpening the entire blade lenght of even your smallest knife.

~ Orbiting Diamonds: 100% diamond abrasives moving with a unique patented motion hone the edge to razor sharpness without expert skill and tedious work. Diamonds make it fast and easy, never detempers your knife.

  • Magnetic Guides: Patented magnetic Bilevel guides allow you to sharpen a wider variety of kitchen, pocket, and fillet knives. Bilevel magnets control the sharpening angle, stroke after stroke, apply the correct sharpening pressure and prevent "loading" of the diamon abrasives.
Brand: Chef'sChoice
Catalog Number: 323107
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