Chef's Choice SteelPro Manual Sharpener with Heavy Cast Metal Casing

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For those who prefer a steeled edge, EdgeCraft introduces the easy-to-use Chef'sChoice Commercial SteelPro 475, a revolutionary heavy duty, rugged cast metal unit geared towards the commercial food industry. The Commercial SteelPro features super-hardened miniature steels and highly precise angle guides that deliver an edge far superior to conventional manually steeled edges.

~ Super-hardened, non-abrasive miniature steels develop uniform ultra-sharp microscopic serrations along the entire edge of the blade

~ Steeling consistently at a precise angle, the SteelPro does not round off the knife edge as conventional steels do - rather it maintains the original sharp edge geometry and creates uniform microscopic serrations that work together for a better cutting edge.

~ Steeling with the Commercial SteelPro creates a uniform microstructure that cut better and more evenly because the "angle of attack" on the knife edge is always in the same direction.

~ By distributing the cutting load across all the uniform micro serrations, the edge needs steeling/and or resharpening less often, thereby extending the life of the knife.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
Catalog Number: 357223
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