Cold Steel Knives 1917 Saber

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Remembered through the ages as the seafaring weapon of choice, these swords have an history which stretches back to ancient times. Not only were they made famous in close quarter melees as pirates boarded treasure-laden galleons during the great "Age of Sail", they also have seen action as standard issue among many of the world's great navies. In 1917, the U.S. Navy decided to replace its Model 1860 cutlass which had been in continuous service for 57 years, with a new model. Cold Steel's¨ modern recreation of this classic conflict sword is as authentic as possible and virtually an exact copy of an original in the personal collection of Cold Steel¨ President Lynn C. Thompson. Just like the original, both feature a half basket guard stamped out of heavy 18-gauge carbon steel, blued to match the blade. The handles are fashioned from carefully shaped hardwood painted brown and secured to the full tang by three heavy brass cutler's rivets. The 1917 series swords are available with a 28" blade (Cutlass) or a 31" blade (Saber). Both feature blued blades to curtail rusting and short clipped points sharp enough for good penetration yet sturdy enough to resist bending or breaking.

Brand: Cold Steel Knives
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