Demon Tactical Broad Saber Sword

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Blade: The blade of the sword is 440 stainless steel with a temper line along the edge of the blade. The blade of the sword is a saber style with a slight curve at the end of the blade and a taper at the base of the blade. Replacing the guard of the sword is a large blade collar cast in steel with a skull on each side. The sword comes already sharpened.Handle: The sword handle is steel, wrapped with imitation leather for grip. The sword ends with a large steel pommel decorated with a steel skull on each side. This pommel is a decoration as well as an offensive weapon for short range strikes as well as balancing the blade of the sword.scabbard Wood With Leather Reap Steel Clip.

Brand: Knife Depot
Catalog Number: 387397
Related Categories: Self Defense Knives
Knife Type Fixed Blade
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