Buck/Hood Punk Survival Knife

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Feelin' lucky? Even if you aren't, the Punk survival knife will most definitely even out the odds for you. Designed by Ron Hood, the late, great survival master, and Buck Knives, the Punk caters to the specific needs of the rugged outdoorsman. The Punk's unbelievably lightweight construction makes it perfect for carrying, whether you're heading out to the woods, mountains, or marshes. Its Shock Mitigation System ensures smooth action and reduces fatigue during use, so you can comfortably use this knife for tasks ranging from dressing game to batoning firewood. The Punk comes with a heavy duty M.O.L.L.E. compatible nylon sheath with storage pouch.

Brand: Buck Knives
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Buck Knives makes the perfect knife for everyday and outdoor recreation use-hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, diving, boating, survival, tactical, defense & rescue. Collectible & custom knives. Related products, equipment & accessories.

Buck Knives is the #1 recognized brand in sports cutlery, with over 100 years experience of making knives. We make each knife with the highest quality stainless steel alloy, specially chosen for the use of the knife. Then, we use a proprietary process developed by Paul Bos to heat-treat our blades for optimum performance and durability. Our Edge2x�? Technology creates a blade that is sharper out of the box, holds its edge longer and is easier to resharpen.

Buck Knives pioneered the concept of end-use categories to match the needs of the user. With in-house engineers and collaborations with professional knife users and makers, we tailor the design, materials and construction to match the intended use of each knife.

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