Fox Elite Bellum Dagger

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The most emblematic name for this article, born through the collaboration with Gabriel A, Serman, could not be anything but BELLUM. The Latin word which stands for "battle-war". A very ambitious program, where we tried to put the most characteristical elements possible, found in various daggers that where made, and designed in the past.

The form, the design, and the research for a perfect symmetry makes that you can hold this dagger in different positions. Thanks mostly to the fact that you can place your thumb in two different points on the hand-guard, independent of the size of ones hand when griped or if one is left handed.

On the front part of the two G10 inserts, a thumbprint has been made, so that one can use it with the blade vertically, not only horizontally.

Gabriel A. Serman is an Italian Canadian Master, and instructor of police, and military units. Expert in various martial arts styles, specialized in the use of knives, and small arms. Besides his experience, Gabriel continues to study, and work with the most authoritative, and famous international instructors in the martial arts, and in the use of small arms. One of his biggest passions is the dagger, and in this model he tried to enclose the most possible elements known by him.

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