Santa Fe Stoneworks Scissors Pocket Knife

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Santa Fe Stone features Turquoise from the Southwest, Malachite from the Congo, Azurite form Arizona, Lapis from Afghanistan, Apache Gold from Arizona & Oregon. They accent them with Mother-of-Pearl & Coral from the Philippines and Jet or Black Amber from the Southwest. Functional, beautiful and of the highest quality on Camillus Cutlery knives.

Camillus Cutlery was founded in 1876 in a village outside Syracuse, New York. As Santa Fe Stoneworks partner/collaborator, Camillus Cutlery holds a unique distinction: they are America's oldest operating knife manufacturer. Four generations have carried on cutlery making traditions that include more than 100 hand operations and personal inspection of every knife. Along with the Boy Scouts to the US Army and Marines, as well as many other top cutlery companies, we are proud to partner with and use these quality Camillus Components as the canvas on which we paint with Gemstones and wood.

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  • Hand made
  • One sided inlay with wood on the back
  • Available in two sided inlay for additional charge
  • 2 3/4" closed
Brand: Santa Fe Stoneworks

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