Pelican Products IM2500 Utility Organizer

Pelican Products IM2500 Utility Organizer
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~ Lid and Utility Organizers protect and customize your contents.

~ Lightweight and rugged for ease of use and durability

~ Water-resistant, PVC-coated, high denier nylon fabric for protection against the elements

~ Deep expandable folder pockets and sleeves for large or bulky sized components

  • Vast array of zipper nylon pockets in various sizes for quick and easy organization
Brand: Pelican Products
Catalog Number: 443125

Dave Parker, Founder and President of Pelican�? Products, has been an avid Scuba diver since age 11 and has dived some of the most exotic spots in the world. Several times during his years of diving, Dave discovered that something he needed to make a dive complete, was simply not available. It dawned on him that'...if I need something like this, I'll bet all the other divers do too!'' It was from this thought that in 1976 Pelican�? Products became a reality and Pelican�?s first product and patent, the Pelican Float, was that concept.

After a normal days work at his advertising and industrial design business, Dave and his wife, co-founder Arline, an airline stewardess for TWA, would spend evenings in their garage building floats.

Dave built all of his own equipment and handled the assembly end of the business. Arline boxed, billed and mailed everything out between her regularly scheduled flights to New York and back. Their homemade float was sold through mail order ads placed in scuba diving magazines.

Dave decided that if his company were going to prosper, he needed to get some help. That help came to him in the form of Jerry Linehan. A business school graduate from the University of Southern California, and long time friend of Dave's, Jerry came along four months later to shore up the financial end of the business. From its inception as a small garage operation, Pelican has blossomed into an international marketing and manufacturing firm.

Yes, Pelican�? Products has changed a great deal over the past several years. It is safe to say that it will continue to change in the upcoming years as well. However, there is one thing that will not change, that you can continue to count on, and that is Pelican's Commitment to Excellence!