Work Sharp 09DX100 Guided Field Knife Sharpener

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For our customers who work in the field away from a well-stocked workshop area, and also for those who can appreciate the on-the-go functionality of a portable work station, the Boker "Work Sharp" guided field knife sharpener is a supremely useful tool. Equipped with two diamond surfaces of variable grits (180 and 1500), three separate ceramic surfaces, a ceramic sharpener for wave serrations, and an integrated leather strop, the Boker Work Sharp is the perfect accessory for knife maintenance in the field. Well designed, the Work Sharp features 20-degree angle guides mounted on all its surfaces and features removable diamond surfaces for easy upgrading and access to its own storage compartment. After you're finished sharpening, its angle guides are repurposed to function as non-slip feet for comfortable whetstone use. A durable and maximally versatile product! Includes a lanyard hole for easy transportation.

Brand: Work Sharp
Catalog Number: 443330
Work Sharp
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