Smith Consumer Products Dmond Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener

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The Diamond Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener is designed to keep your finest custom knives, hunting/sport knives, and frequently used kitchen knives in prime condition. It offers two stages of mechanical sharpening, coarse and fine, which allows you to match the condition of the blade with the appropriate rate of metal removal needed to sharpen the edge. Two stages of sharpening helps prolong the life of your knife by only taking off enough metal to make your knife sharp while giving you profession results every time. Use the COARSE stage for quick sharpening of very dull or damaged blades, or the FINE stage to just touch up an already sharp knife.

The manual pull-through slot in between the mechanical sharpening slots is great for sharpening the serrated portion of your blade and for removing the burr from mechanical sharpening. The Diamond Edge Elite also comes with soft grip, non-slip feet, and a beautiful design that fits perfectly in any environment.

Electric Sharpening Features:

~ Diamond-coated and extra-fine ceramic sharpening wheels

~ Fast and precise sharpening of standard edge blades

~ Blade guides hold knife at correct sharpening angle

~ Innovative wheel design provides smoother, more consistent cutting edge

~ Safe for knives, will not de-temper or damage the blade

~ Provides sharp, long-lasting cutting edge in minutes

~ Sharpens one side of the blade at a time

Manual Sharpening Features:

~ Fixed angle ceramic stones for consistent results every time

~ Lightly hones serrated edge blades

~ Can be used to remove burr from electric sharpening

~ Sharpens both sides of the blade at a time

~ Excellent for quick touch up of already sharp blades


~ Voltage: 120V / 60Hz

~ Watts: 25

  • Amps: 0.41
Catalog Number: 457941

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