Japanese Anime Giant Ichigo Tensa Bankai Sword - 68"

Japanese Anime Giant Ichigo Tensa Bankai Sword - 68"
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This sword is HUGE! Standing over 5 feett 8 inches in length, the final form of Ichigo's Bankai, named Tensa Bankai (Chains Of Heaven-Slicing Moon), is considered completely out of the ordinary for any zanpakuto. We have released his exclusive sword after countless suggestions from our Anime fans. This sword is not from the traditional katana but has been honed to perfection and wielded by the Ichigo Kurosaki. This magnificent 68 inch sword features a black lacquer high carbon steel massive 49 inch blade with a traditional heat treated habaki (blade collar). The cast metal guard is in the shape of the manji, which is the kanji for "ban" (full). The fuchi (collar) is a black piece of metal accented with Japanese traditional artworks. The Ito (handle wrap) is black nylon cord wrapped with traditional style braiding. The 16.75 inch tsuka or handle offers a double peg, full tang construction and has been wrapped with red imitation ray skin. Each pin is visible and the handle sports two Japanese traditional ornaments. The pommel sports a short broken chain dangling as the blade's tassel and replacing the cloth from its released form. For the price we are offering this sword for, you cannot afford to miss out on this deal.

This sword is huge. Even if you are not an Anime fan, you will love this sword if you see it. It stands as long as a person. There is no comparison for this sword.

Product Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 68 Inches
  • Blade Length: 49 Inches
  • Blade: Katana, Carbon Steel, Oversized
  • Handle: 16.75 Inches, Wrapped
  • Handguard: Width: 2.75 Inches; Length: 3.75 Inches
Brand: Knife Depot
Catalog Number: 490011
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