Ultimate Survival Paraknife Kit 4.0, Orange

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The ParaKnife Ultimate Kit 4.0, from Ultimate Survival Technologies, is a life-saving tool that serves dual purposes. With a paracord-woven handle grip and sharp, super high strength blade, this knife will cut through tough materials. Extra tough, durable, and reliable, the ParaKnife Ultimate Kit 4.0 is the right tool for it all. This kit also comes with a Pico 1.0 LED Light, a Liquid-filled Button Compass, Micro SparkWheel spark generator, Light-Me Tinder compact tinder, JetScream Micro Signal Whistle, and a StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror. There When You Need It EmergenciesFor when you need a quickly accessible cutting tool and some heavy duty rope, this knife is there for you. Simply unwind the paracord around the handle and use the knife to cut it at whatever length suits you. Cut twigs, sharpen sticks, and fashion makeshift tents easily.


  • Extra tough 0.1 thick blade Paracord handle wrap
  • Paracord unravels to approximately 5 ft
  • Serrated section for fast rope cutting Includes quick-access nylon sheath
  • Also includes:Micro SparkWheel Light-Me Tinder JetScream Micro Signal Whistle StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror Pico 1.0 LED LightLiquid-filled Compass
  • Dimensions: Length: 8.7 Width: 1.34 Height: 0.2 Weight: 8.8oz (254g)
Brand: Ultimate Survival
Ultimate Survival
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