Slice Pen Cutter, 3 Position Manual w/Ceramic Blade

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Three-position manual pen-style cutter includes one replaceable Slice ceramic blade. Patented handle with rubberized slider button limits the amount of exposed ceramic-blade to further reduce injuries. Three positions including fully-retracted. Patented high-tech double-sided Slice ceramic blade #10404 designed to reduce injuries by incorporating a safer rounded-tip. Sharpness level up to 10x longer than steel.

  • Slice patented ceramics stays sharp up to 10x longer than steel
  • Single Slice ceramic blade = up to 20 metal blades
  • Cuts through corrugated like butter
  • Safer than traditional metal blades
  • Less blade changes = less money = less downtime = less injuries
  • Oil free
  • Never rusts
  • Non-magnetic
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-sparking
Brand: Slice

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