Kapoosh 650 Light Oak Universal Knives & Utensils Storage Block

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Why is the Kapoosh different? No slots! The unique Kapoosh Freedom Rods allow you to mix-and-match kitchen knives from different sets and to store practically any utensil easily – anywhere in the block. Plus, the rods keep your knives sharper by eliminating the potential of scraping the blades on the edges of traditional knife block slots. Rods are dishwasher safe! Just place the Kapoosh Freedom Rods on the top rack of your dishwasher for cleaning.

  • Gives you the freedom to store kitchen knives from different sets
  • Store practically any kitchen knife or utensil
  • Polypropylene freedom rods keep your knives sharper
  • Rods are removable and top-rack dishwasher safe (air dry)
  • No slots
  • Country of Origin: US
Brand: Kapoosh
Catalog Number: 507221
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Kapoosh knife blocks offer a one-of-a-kind feature not found on other knife blocks: Kapoosh freedom rods. Mix-and-match your kitchen knives from different sets and store them easily. The unique rods are designed to form around each object and store it securely. Plus, keep your knife block clean and germ free. The rods are dishwasher safe in the top shelf.

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