Spyderco Swick Neck Knife

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SWICK Wharncliff style Neck Knife./ Spyderco's second neck knife model to the neck knife market.

Designed by Swick. A palm-sized all-steel fixed-blade with a skeletally cut-out handle, it can be categorized as a dynamically functional unisex tool for men and women alike. These have the Perrin inspired index finger hole. Placing the index finger through the hole and gripping the angled handle situates the thumb atop the blade's spine for precise cutting control. These have a 2" cutting edge. This model is made entirely of top quality S30V stainless steel. Since it's made of a solid piece of stainless steel, the SWICK has no moving parts to catch, break, or wear-out over time. Combined with a lightweight Kydex neck sheath, the sheath/knife combination carry discreetly and confidently flat under clothing or workout gear.


  • Blade Steel S30V
  • Blade Thickness 1/8" 3mm
  • Case/Sheath Kydex Sheath
  • Edge Type Wharncliff style PlainEdge
  • Handle Material S30V
  • Length Blade 2-1/8"
  • Length Cutting Edge 2"
  • Length Overall 5-1/2"
Brand: Spyderco

Quick! List the most respected and innovative knife companies you can think of. If you know anything about knives, Spyderco is somewhere near the top. Spyderco Inc. makes some of the most unique and downright bizarre knife designs you'll see on the market, but from the number of passionate fans discussing, debating, and learning everything they can about Spyderco knives, it's clear that the company has done something right.

From the Glesser Family and the Spyderco Crew:

Since starting Spyderco we've been told our knives are different, peculiar, even out there. All true. Thinking beyond established knife industry barriers allowed us to introduce new and radical innovations to the knife culture including: One-hand opening, serrations on a folder and a clip to attach a knife to a pocket.

We didn't go into business to rake in a mountain of dough we're here for more selfish reasons- indulging our passion for creating knives. Spyderco is definitely out of the norm in the knife industry in our dedication to researching and developing fresh, improved and better performing materials all with function and reliability being key.

Someone once said to Sal Glesser, Spyderco's owner, "You must design in the dark because your knives look so strange." True again. Our recognizable appearance is a result of designing ergonomic functional tools rather than applying lipstick and nylons to a pocketknife. We may look curious, homely, whatever, but we'll never be called unusable or undependable.

Making knives that consistently deliver reliable high-performance requires an ongoing commitment to testing. In our million-dollar testing facility we examine edge retention with a CATRA machine, look for rust development with Q-FOG, check the force needed to open and close a knife. We also repeatedly test for stress, wear, optimal heat-treating and actively search for higher quality, performance enhancing steels and materials.

As a customer you probably don't think about this, or much care, but it allows us to put forth a promise. When you purchase a Spyderco you are buying a high-quality reliable cutting tool designed and manufactured for peak performance and ergonomic comfort. Those Who Know Carry Spyderco.

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