Rapala 10" Salt Angler's Curved Fillet Knife

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Rapala 10" Salt Angler's Curved Fillet Knife is made for filleting and steaking big game fish. This no-flex razor sharp blade features an ergonomic co-molded handle which is the first choice of deck hands and seasoned veterans. Polished progressively tapered corrosion resistant blade made by Martini with European stainless steel takes and holds an ultra-sharp edge. Vented sheath allows for quick drying.
Brand: Rapala
Catalog Number: 608178
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Blade Color Silver/Gray
Blade Length 10
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Color Brown/Tan
Knife Type Fixed Blade
Point Trailing point
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There is a place in Finland where the waters of the Lake Pielinen swiftly flow over and around a field of boulders. It's called the Kalkkinen Rapids. The water is pure and the blue Scandinavian sky is fresh, perfumed by the scent of pine trees. Time seems to stand still here.

For centuries, the Finnish people came to these waters. To drink. To bathe. To fish. Even today, these waters are a source of life.

Every time you tie on a Rapala lure, or fillet a fish with a Rapala fillet knife, the Rapala story comes alive. And it's here, at these rapids that Lauri Rapala, the man who invented the Rapala lure in 1936, decided to continue the journey that would turn a family handicraft into one of the world's most memorable fishing lures of all time. From this point forward, fishing would never be the same. Rapala lures are now sold in 140 countries and are responsible for more world record fish than any other lure.

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