Zombie Hunting Stiletto Style Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife

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On television and in films, people are constantly yielding massive blades when fighting off zombies, but a small, lightweight, and fast-opening knife is just as important. Enter the Zombie Hunting Stiletto.

Partially serrated spear point blade made of stainless steel with hints of black coating. The key characteristic of the folder is its spring-assisted opening mechanism, which allows for quick and easy one-handed opening. In a zombie apocalypse, that split second could be the difference between life and death.

On the aluminum handle, black coating surrounds a biohazard medallion to mimic the look and feel of Z-day.

Whether you need a good EDC or want something to put into your survival kit, the Z-Hunter Stiletto is a good way to go.

Brand: Z-Hunter
Catalog Number: 609453
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