Redi-Edge Snuffer RESNUFF

Redi-Edge Snuffer RESNUFF
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Designed to give you a safe and easy way of sharpening a snuffer broadhead. Sharpening a snuffer broadhead requires a harder material than the material you are trying to sharpen. Our Duromite inserts are harder than any steel used to manufacture snuffer broadheads on the market today. The Redi-Edge Snuffer Broadhead Sharpener is unmatched in its design and effectiveness. The thumb insert gives you a sturdy grip while you use the Duromite inserts to put the perfect edge on your snuffer broadheads every time! The Redi-Edge Snuffer Broadhead Sharpener is factory-set at a 62° inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 31° double edge on your broadheads. Trust your broadheads to the dependable Redi-Edge Snuffer Broadhead Sharpener.

Brand: Redi Edge Sharpeners