Fallkniven SK2L Embla Fixed 3.93 in Blade Ironwood Hndl SK2L

Fallkniven SK2L Embla Fixed 3.93 in Blade Ironwood Hndl SK2L
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To this minimalist foundation we add our laminated cobalt steel which is renowned for its ability to take and keep an excellent edge. If you?ve had enough of knives that become dull immediately they detect the proximity of a moose or a wild boar the SK2 Embla is one of the finest and best options available. Of course the edge is convex the sharpest/strongest edge construction we know of and what?s more the oldest in human history. For handle material we have chosen desert ironwood an extremely hard and compact wood so dense that it does not float in water. It can be treated with any kind of furniture polish gun stock oil or other liquids containing thinner and linseed oil. Should the knife happen to get dull use one of our DC4 combination whetstones. A black low-hanging leather sheath houses the knife when not in use.

Brand: Fallkniven Knives

Fallkniven, the leading knife specialist in Scandinavia since 1984.

We are a true family firm, with our roots deep in the soil of Norrbotten, Sweden. We have been hunters and fishermen for decades and we know from personal experience how a knife should be. The firm started operations in 1984 and today is acknowledged as one of Sweden's foremost knife specialists. We began to develop our own knives in 1987 and today this is our principal activity at Fallkniven AB.

We have gained great experience during the years through close contacts with both customers and manufacturers. This knowledge, we now use to make the world's leading specialized knife. Because of this, we're today Perveyor to His Majesty the King of Sweden.

To be on the safe side we quality test our knives at Lulea University of Technology so that we know how our knives hold up. The knowledge allows us to dare say that our knives are the strongest, serial manufactured, stainless steel knives in the world!