Master Cultery Rubber Training Knife 12.0 in Overall E420-PP

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For the modern combat enthusiast who is looking to learn all there is about close-quarters combat a good training weapon is a must-have. This Synthetic Boot Knife echoes the look of a real knife without any of the added danger a live blade features. Translation? This knife is the perfect stand-in when it comes to trying out close-quarters-combat techniques without endangering yourself or others with a life blade. This impressive little training blade is shaped like the iconic combat knife featuring a double-sided blade with a fair point as well as a short guard. Its small size measuring in at only 12 inches long only enhances the realistic look while its polypropylene construction ensures that this little knife is virtually indestructible. For knife and combat drills you simply could not ask for a better training weapon than this Synthetic Boot Knife from Master Cutlery.

Brand: Master Cutlery
Master Cutlery
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