Survivor USA Design Firesteel & Knife Combo Survival Fire Starter Set

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The Survivor USA Design Firesteel & Knife Combo is excellent for outdoors on the regular, or a backup to keep in your car or day pack. The knife is full tang, solid steel from tip to handle, and features survival cordage wrapped around the grip. The fire started rod is perfect for getting a fire going and is 100 percent water proof. Simply scrap some micro-shards or dust off the fire rod, then scarpe the rod and knife together quickly over the shards to make sparks that ignite a flame. Kindling is necessary. Comes with easy carry nylon sheath.Fixed Blade Knife 7" OVERALL 3.75" 3MM THICK BLADE, STAINLESS STEEL TWO TONE BLADE FULL TANG BLACK CORD WRAPPED HANDLE WITH LANYARD INCLUDES NYLON SHEATH AND FIRE STARTER

Brand: Survivor
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