Undead Apocalypse Slasher Katana Sword

Undead Apocalypse Slasher Katana Sword
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Undead Apocalypse Slasher Katana Sword This katana sword features a carbon steel blade with Undead green details along the blade edge. The handle features black imitation ray skin and Undead green nylon cord wrapping. The black-coated cast metal aluminum tsuba is shaped like a biohazard symbol, warning the Undead to keep away from you! The wooden scabbard features a biohazard water transfer pattern to complete the look of this fierce katana 27" carbon steel blade with green details along blade edge Imitation ray skin handle with green nylon cord wrapping Black wood scabbard with biohazard water transfer pattern Black-coated cast metal aluminum tsuba Measures 38 1/2" overall in length

Brand: Z-Hunter
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