Yubashiri FOAM One Piece Anime Sword & Scabbard Roronoa Zoro O Wazamono Sword

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Yubashiri FOAM One Piece Anime Sword & Scabbard Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro obtained Yubashiri for free from a shop owner after displaying his courage with the Sandai Kitetsu. Yubashiri is one of 50 Ryo Wazamono grade swords, so it was quite the nicest sword in the shop. This version is made with a durable foam blade and no metal parts, making it conventions approved and excellent for Cosplay. Some other types of events like LARP and similar might also take advantage of this 39.125 inch long sword. Comes with wooden Saya that has a black Sage-O.This is the Yubashiri FOAM One Piece Anime Sword & Scabbard (scabbard included). Designed to look attractive yet be completely safe to use and carry, this is the ultimate cosplayers accessory for any type of Samurai or anime-based costume. Featuring accurate coloring and durable foam construction, this will pair well for any event costume. The entirety of the Yubashiri FOAM One Piece Anime Sword & Scabbard toy Cosplay prop is made to look exactly like a real sword, yet it is constructed without a single metal part.*Must be 18 years or older to buy*Specifications Overall Length: 39.125 Inches Blade Length: 27.25 Inches Blade Material: High Density Foam Blade Thickness: 7mm Purpose: Fun, Cosplay, Conventions, Costume, Display, LARP, Etc Tsuba: ABS, Antiqued Metallic Finish, Unique Design Handle Length: 9.95 Inches Handle: Black Cord Wrapped Saya: Hardwood, Plastic Fitting w Metallic Look Saya Finish: Flat Black Painted, Black Wrap Includes: Foam Japanese Katana Sword Prop with Saya Scabbard

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