SAO Kirito Elucidator Replica Sword Art Online

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SAO Kirito Elucidator Replica Sword Art Online This replica sword has an all carbon steel blade which is quenched and hardened on the surface to produce a black sheen. The edges are not sharp, as this is an ornate replica meant for collectors. It could be sharpened professionally, however, most SAO fans will enjoy this as-is at conventions and as a conversation piece of art. The handle is wrapped in faux leather for elegant and comfortable grip. The guard and pommel are aluminum. Specifications Overall Length: 41 Inches Blade Length: 29 Inches Blade Material: High Carbon Steel, Quenched Blackened, 3/4 Tang Edge: Unsharpened, Cosplay Guard: Solid Aluminum, Steel Inner Frame, Powder Coated Black & Silver Handle: 8 Inches, Wooden, Faux Leather Wrap, Black Scabbard (Saya): Wooden with Leather Straps, Black & Silver

Brand: Knife Depot
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